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Need to Make More Money with Your Music? Want To Learn Some Easy Tricks and Techniques to Increase Your Chances of Winning American Idol, like Phillip Phillips, Scotty McCreery? It’s All Here in Acoustic Guitar Money, The Best, and ONLY Online Lesson Book with The Secrets to Making Good Money Singing and Playing Guitar at Live Solo Acoustic Guitar Shows, Training Properly For Competition Try Outs, & More!

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"Are you serious? How in the world can I start making good regular money with my acoustic guitar--and train for American Idol?  And I can do this even if I don't play guitar??" 


        “The answer is YES! I play live acoustic guitar music almost every week of the year, making good, regular money---and I’m going to show you exactly how you can do it, too--even if you don’t play guitar and can’t even sing! And lots of people are now using live acoustic guitar shows to train for American Idol and other competitions--read below!”

From the Desk Of,

Rex Murphy
Artist, Acoustic Performer

There are lots of books online about how to play guitar, singing lessons, etc. But none that I’ve seen that tell you specifically the best ways to make money with your guitar without having to join one or more bands, wear yourself out trying to make ends meet, and feeling like you can’t win. Instead of going solo, most guitar players, songwriters, and artists looking to make money usually try to join or form a band.  That can be a good thing in time, but it can be tough to get all the right players together that think the same way you do, buy all the equipment, market the band, learn all the songs, practice, and try to book gigs that pay well enough, which doesn’t happen for a long time for bands that aren’t established. Not that being in a band is bad—it just requires a lot more time and it’s harder to make good money.

And if you’re like I was, you need money NOW, not a bunch of expenses and waiting around--right?  Well, there is a better way, if you want some fast, fun, weekly music income or want to train to try out for American Idol or other competitions--without working a lot of long, bad hours for little money. The best answer I have found is: live acoustic guitar gigs--one of the best kept secrets for making good money playing guitar and singing, and training for competitions.  

Why acoustic guitar shows?  Acoustic guitar gigs require minimal equipment, you don’t have to find or worry with other musicians, most of the best songs to use are songs you’ve heard or played all your life anyway, playing acoustic guitar shows is a great way to practice the same techniques successful contestants use, and you can easily book gigs that pay $25, $50, or more per hour, if you know where and how to book them. And then, if you’re the guitar player and the singer, you get to keep all the money, tips and all!  Awesome!

Even if you just play guitar and don’t sing, that fine too!  Just find someone who sings and you can do smaller live acoustic gigs as a duo and still make very good money. Don’t play guitar? No problem. Have one person play keyboard and the other sing—that works, too.  Compared to being in a band, with acoustic guitar shows, most of the time you don’t have to work from 10pm to 2am then break everything down and get home at 4am or later. Most acoustic gigs go from 7-11 pm or earlier, for 3-4 hours tops, and setup & break down is easy.  And at $100 to $300 a gig 3-5 times a week, that’s pretty good money per hour, and per year!  Doing acoustic guitar gigs correctly can be a great paying hobby, too, if playing guitar and singing is just a hobby or pastime.

Or, if you want to try out for American Idol, X Factor or America’s Got Talent, playing live acoustic guitar and singing regularly can really help you train and give you your best chance of winning. And playing solo acoustic guitar shows can be very good for building vocal technique and stage presence. Talk about making money with a guitar—take a look at many of the past winners and top contestants of American Idol and other competitions and you will see that Phillip Phillips, Scotty McCreery, Kevin Skinner, etc., all played an acoustic guitar during try outs and performances, and had a history of playing acoustic guitar shows before trying out.  And if you watch the try outs for solo artist and American Idol winner Phillip Phillips, he sang a song, but then the judges asked him to go back and do a song with his acoustic guitar, then they said “oh , yes, that’s it--you’re through to Hollywood!”—and then he WON! Kevin Skinner won America’s Got Talent a couple of years ago by doing what--playing acoustic guitar and singing. Sounds like a there’s a pattern there, doesn’t it?  Hmmm…I think I know what one of the secrets is…

Now, there definitely are certain tricks, techniques, and secrets that you must know to make good, consistent regular money with a guitar or train for competitions. There are a lot of acoustic guitar players out there that don’t stay booked, or make good money, and some that think they are practicing to try out for American Idol, but just aren’t improving.  That’s why I wrote this online book “Acoustic Guitar Money”—to help guitarists, artists and other musicians support themselves in the best ways possible and achieve their goals faster, with less effort. 

Solo or duo acoustic guitar shows done in a certain format, with the right song selection, using the right singing, guitar, and stage presence techniques, and by following a few other simple rules works very well . Not following ‘the rules’ doesn’t work, and I know this because I did it wrong for a while, too. However, I learned the right way from other very successful acoustic players, vocal trainers, and artists, and I’ve been playing acoustic gigs successfully now for several years so I know the techniques definitely work. 

This online book contains the best secrets, tricks, and techniques that I use every week to support myself while playing acoustic guitar shows, writing songs, training myself, and working on my music career. You can easily do this, too, with the information in this online book.  Want to win American Idol, America’s Got Talent, etc? You’re no different that Phillip Phillips, Scotty McCreery, or Kevin Skinner, and you have the same chance of winning if you use the right techniques and develop your skills.  Everything you need is included in this book, from equipment to booking, song selection, building a show, stage presence, singing tips, even where to get guitar lessons for free.

And once the word gets out, I bet we’re  going to see more and more musicians and solo artists doing very well with acoustic gigs and using the information in this book to prepare, try out for, and WIN competitions like American Idol, X Factor, and America’s Got Talent, etc. Why? Because the Acoustic Guitar Money System has been taken from experience and research, and it works.  And that’s why I can offer a 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee, which you will see below.  But let’s take a look at what you get with this offer:

(Oh the book I'm also including 4 other ways that people are making good money playing guitar! And you get 2 more FREE bonuses (see below)!)

Anyway--check this out:

 Acoustic Guitar Money: Vol. 1    How to Make Hundreds of Dollars Per Week Playing Live Acoustic Shows! 

Inside you will learn:


  • How it does not take, exceptional guitar skills, a music degree, or a degree AT ALL to start making good, regular income with acoustic guitar music--by yourself, or with other musicians--all in just a few short weeks! I'll even show you where to get free guitar lessons!


  • How to play pretty much any song by learning 12 simple chord shapes, without sorting through a bunch of hard-to-read books and charts!              


  • The Hum / One Breath Technique that will immediately have you singing CORRECTLY, enabling you to sing a larger variety of songs, sing your entire show without getting that ‘early fatigue’ that most singers get, and truly ‘showcase’ your abilities….information you will DEFINITELY need if you're training for American Idol, The X Factor, America's Got Talent, or other competitions (included FREE in the BONUS report ‘Vocal Tips’) 


  • Exactly what equipment you’ll need, what you don’t need, where to get it  at the lowest price, with experience-tested name brand recommendations that will save you money. 


  • Simple ways to market yourself, book gigs, and STAY booked 2-3 months out! P.43

  • PLUS 4 more ways that people are making money every day simply with an acoustic guitar. It’s on p.4!

  • How to get rid of stage-fright FOREVER—yes, you can do this, and I will show you how to do it!
  • Good places to play acoustic guitar music, what to SAY to get the gigs, the ONE way to ask for a gig that bar and restaurant owners cannot refuse!

  • Where to watch people play the acoustic guitar songs you want to learn, and even get guitar, vocal lessons, all for FREE!

  • How to turn playing mistakes, mishaps, etc. into HILARIOUS parts of your acoustic show!

  • How to use simple but POWERFUL non-verbal communication techniques that will boost your acoustic shows WAY ahead of the competition!

Here's an endorsement from Head of the Guitar Department at Atlanta Institute of Music, Mr. Bill Hart!

"After reviewing "Acoustic Guitar Money" written by Rex Murphy, I highly recommend this book to anyone learning to play guitar and also wanting to go to the next level, making money with your music. The information in this ebook is very detailed and easy to apply. It is a must have book for any serious musician learning to make money with music."

Bill Hart
Head of Guitar Department
Atlanta Institute of Music

By now you might be saying: “This sounds great, but how much is this "acoustic guitar money information going to cost me??

Well, I had originally felt like $99 would be a more than fair price for the thousands of dollars worth of live music experience and shortcuts I’ve poured into just the book itself. But I wanted to make it affordable for everyone, so that practically anyone with any musical skill could take this opportunity and run with it!

So, believe it or not—at the moment, I am offering my ebook for a SUPER LOW price of $19.95

That’s right! You can grab this e-book and all the shortcuts and lessons and start making SOLID weekly money with your music for less than 20 bucks. How’s THAT for awesome?!!!

AND--you get tons of tips for training yourself PROPERLY for American Idol, The X Factor, America's Got Talent and other competitions!

FREE STUFF?!! Yep, you get some really good FREE STUFF, too! When you invest in this e-course, you’ll also get 2 more of my latest, best ebooklets to accelerate your success even faster—as a bonus for trying out the book.  The first one is…
BONUS E-Booklet #1, a $14.95 Value:
VOCAL TIPS: How to Sing Correctly and Send   Your Vocal Abilities Through The Roof!  

Inside you’ll learn:

• The Hum / One Breath Technique that will have you INSTANTLY singing correctly so you can sing 4-6 hours--without getting tired!

• How to find your range, and safely move to higher levels, using a guitar or piano as a reference point. 

• Critical Ear Training and Interval Training  exercises that many amateur singers don’t know about, but PRO’s do…and when used correctly can quickly mark YOU as a ‘professional’ and open doors to your music success!

• Simple but effective vocal warm-up techniques, what to do and what not to do before you sing, and other tips!

You’ll also get: 
BONUS E-Booklet #2, a $14.95 Value:  
QUICK START GUIDE:  How to Get Out And Start Playing Gigs—FAST! 

 Here you’ll learn:

• EXACTLY what I did to get out and start playing acoustic guitar music FAST, how I booked the gigs, and with some NEW tips you could be out playing in as little as 3-4 weeks!

• A QUICK WAY to put a SHOW together that will immediately make you look professional!

• The MAGIC WORDS that bar and restaurant owners CANNOT refuse when it comes to booking a gig!

• A QUICK LIST of the BARE EQUIPMENT ESSENTIALS that you’ll need to get rolling REALLY fast—and it's less than you think!

The whole package (the ebook and ebooklets above) are worth well over $100 (some have valued just the book at $199) but for right now, you can get it all for $19.95, with no shipping charges!

And BEST of ALL, You can TRY this BOOK 100% RISK-FREE!

Here’s my GUARANTEE to you: 

Try the book (and the booklets) now 100% risk free, read it over and apply the information and techniques for the next 7, 30, even 60 days…  I’m serious. Take your time and truly evaluate and use this information and see how it can help you.

Then, at the the end of 60 days,  after you've read the book and applied the information, you decide that it's not for you… or you didn't find any useful information in it for your situation, simply reply to the email confirmation you'll receive when you download your copy of the book, write “cancel” in your message, and we'll issue a refund immediately. No questions asked, except maybe for suggestions on how we might improve our service to you.

       If that sounds like a fair deal to you, then click below and give it a try!

Order Acoustic Guitar Money Now for Only $34.95

PS: YES--We do offer personal coaching in our Fast Track Coaching Program to help you get where you want to be, FAST. If you really want to supercharge your success, send us an email at and we'll get back with you quickly!

If you have any technical problems with the site, please email us at and we'll get back to you with an answer ASAP.
**Also please note, the amounts of money listed above is not a guarantee of income, but does indicate what can be made / is being made now, using the techniques in the book.

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